The Riot

When I was in school, I read a lot in the textbooks, About how my motherland, India, the great is so diverse and yet how united we are, But are we really so united or is it all just a mirage? Apologies, if I have hurt sentiments for I don’t want to wage anymore wars, […]

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Epitome of Love

Slide beneath them bedsheets; And loose yourself into the dark abyss; Let those moans turn into a silent kiss; The night has conspired to pick us up from the basics. The chills of your lips and​ the warmth of your breath; Fill me with the strawberry that your lipstick tastes; All the commotion wets us […]

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To appease the mass the Congress introduced the new bill, Now we could have what we had aspired our whole lives, Those fountains of youth, that​ celebrity skin, the one that seems to be timeless, All with just one pill. Said the Senate, “Dear men and women, there’s no more reason to cry, Now we […]

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The Explorer’s Sorrow

‘It is the explorer of the heavens, The contemporary Christopher Columbus,’ Quoted the man to his just-found-friend. The friend glanced at the time; said I’m waiting for the bus, Make it quick​ or I might not be here till the end. ‘There was a ship,’ began the contemporary Columbus, ‘The one we were meant to […]

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Man-Made Gods

Hello canvas, good ol’ friend, I’ve come to fill your whites with my somber ink, That will write a few words that will scream a million things, About them heros untold, The ones that don’t matter to the man-made Gods. Underneath the halo of the street lamps, I see the misery of men, The ones […]

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The Story of Art

Well, I’ve heard that there was a forbidden fruit, That made us mortals and gave us the shiny falsity and the nasty truths But when abandoned by the Gods above of that Garden of Eden, Came along with Adam, drawing nectar from his human mind, Art homed this underground heaven, Still pure and naive as […]

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The 100 Year Tree

I hail from the sons of the North,  Who sit tall on the mountain tops I was born as the God’s own crippled child But I was destined for the bedlam of city streets, not the mystic of the wild. I was cradled in the kite’s clutch And the brook brought me up from naught […]

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